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Delivering world-class reliability and safety in high consequence harsh and hazardous environments

MTL products, part of Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds series portfolio, stand for safety in the harshest of environments. With over 40 years experience within the process industry, Eaton’s MTL product range is designed and manufactured with you in mind. Starting with the MTL100 zener barrier, our comprehensive portfolio of solutions for high-consequence harsh and hazardous environments has grown and gained customer recognition worldwide.


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Only Eaton can deliver...

  • -Protection and safety of people and assets around the world.
  • -Unsurpassed reliability and quality in every product we offer.
  • -Industry leading innovation and product efficiency.
  • -Product solutions designed and certified for global specifications.
  • -Best-in-class, global sales and customer service teams that provide local support.
  • -More than 40 years of process automation industry knowledge and expertise.

Reference : MTL9400

MTL, known for its leadership in Intrinsic Safety, is proud of another world first, Intrinsically Safe “Power over Ethernet” (PoEx™). This ground breaking technology brings the concept of a single cable connection for Industrial Ethernet enabled devices suitable for mounting in any hazardous area environment.

Reference : MTL4500

The MTL4500 range of backplane mounting intrinsic safety isolators offers an innovative solution for protecting electrical signals in potentially flammable or other hazardous areas. Helping to ensure a safe work environment and protects those nearby from explosion risks.

Reference : MTL7700

Known for its quality and reliability, the MTL7700 range of intrinsically safe passive network devices use Zener diodes, resistors and fuses to safely divert excess electrical energy to ground and prevent sparking or overheating of equipment in hazardous areas. Helping to ensure a safe work environment and protects those nearby from explosion risks.

Reference : MTL5500

The MTL5500 range of intrinsic safety isolators are designed to meet the needs of the IS interface market for application focussed projects, from single instrument loops to fully equipped cabinets. Protecting electrical signals in potentially flammable or other hazardous areas. Helping to ensure a safe work environment and protects those nearby from explosion risks.

Reference : MTL9200

MTL’s industrial Ethernet switches combine enterprise-class performance with rugged reliability to provide a “best of both worlds” solution for many of today’s industrial applications. Our hardened switches are ideally suited for harsh and outdoor environments that include process plants, power substations, Smart Grid, utility, transportation and other industries where real-time performance under extreme operating conditions is required.

Reference : MTL600

The MTL600 range of digital indicators enable process variables to be displayed locally in hazardous and general purpose plant areas. A typical example would be the re-transmission of mass/flow computations from the safe area, through a suitable MTL IS interface to the indicator in the hazardous area.

Reference : MTL4600

The MTL4600 range offers a high level of signal isolation for installations where multiple loops on a common connection are not desirable.

Reference : MTL9180

MTL Redundant Fieldbus Power Supplies are designed to provide redundant power for up to eight FOUNDATION™ fieldbus H1 segments and are suitable for use with all fieldbus systems. They are optimized for use in general purpose and hazardous area High Energy Trunk architectures which, with the appropriate FieldPlus wiring components, support fieldbus devices using all hazardous area protection techniques.

Reference : CSL RugiCam-IP Mk 2

The Crouse-Hinds series MTL RugiCAM-IP high definition Intrinsically Safe (IS) ethernet camera is ideally suited for Group I Mining applications and other hazardous zone 1 and zone 2 areas.

Reference : MTL1000

For protection of field instruments and control systems for safe, reliable process communications. 
The MTL1000 products are designed to provide signal isolation and signal conversion between equipment and areas of a process plant.
The MTL1000 range of modules and accessories is designed for use with process connected systems.

Reference : MTL4850

The MTL4850 HART multiplexer offers a smaller footprint solution ideally suited to both retrofit and new project applications.  Termination boards, carriers and integrated backplanes are available to enable the MTL4850 to interface to various instrumentation applications.

Reference : MTL9211-ET

MTL addresses the important issue of protecting Industrial Networks from malicious or accidental disruptions.
Instead of the standard, highly complex, “IT-style” firewall that requires highly-trained staff to install it, the TofinoTM appliance only requires a field technician to attach power and two network cables to it and then walk away.

Reference : MTL Zonemaster pro

The Crouse-Hinds series MTL ZoneMaster PRO range of surge protection devices combines all the advantages of all mode protection with features and options to meet the needs of the most complex protection requirements. The ZoneMaster PRO range is available with surge current capacities of 200kA, 240kA, 340kA and 400kA. This along with the different international voltages available make the ZoneMaster PRO the most versatile product on the market.








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