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MTL Tofino™ Industrial Security Solution

Reference : MTL9211-ET

MTL addresses the important issue of protecting Industrial Networks from malicious or accidental disruptions.
Instead of the standard, highly complex, “IT-style” firewall that requires highly-trained staff to install it, the TofinoTM appliance only requires a field technician to attach power and two network cables to it and then walk away.

Configuration is handled via a Central Management Platform (CMP) allowing the user to monitor, deploy and configure multiple Tofino’s from a single location. The system has the flexibility to protect a small plant with a single PLC, or a multi-national organization with thousands of critical devices scattered around the globe. By deploying TofinoTM appliances in front of each control device (or group of devices), they provide SCADA and process control companies with a layered security solution for their systems.

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