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EGA Master, Non-sparking Atex safety set 15 pieces


Reference:  safety set 15pcs


Materials: Beryllium copper Cu-Be

Consisting of:

Scraper 50mm
Groove joint pincers 12"
Tin snips 300mm
Adjustable wrenches 8"
Adjustable wrenches 12"
Multi-head bung wrench
Combination pliers 200mm
Long nose plier 200mm
Claw hammer 338mm
Brushes 4 x 16 x 240mm
Knives 250mm
Scraper 48 x 300mm
Screwdriver Philips PH3
Electrician screwdriver 8 x 150mm
Heavy Duty pipe wrench  14"

Hardness: 283-365 Brinell.


Protection: Tools made of Cu-Be alloy can be used in all groups (I, IIA, IIB, IIC) in a safe way, with the only exception of acetylene, with which copper might react and create highly explosive acetylite gases.

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